The Universal Journal of Computational Analysis covers activity and development in the field of innovative developments in numerical methods applied to engineering problems in solids, structures and fluids. Research of mathematical models and numerical algorithms related to finite elements, finite difference, finite volume, boundary elements and singular integral equations are included. These novel computational methods are applied to solid and structural mechanics, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, aerodynamics, aeroelasticity, heat transfer, dynamics, geoscience, geophysics, mechanics of materials, nanomechanics, biomechanics, molecular mechanics, electromagnetics, quantum mechanics and acoustics. So, the papers published should present innovative numerical methods, as well as non-linear methods and results, which should be far beyond the current "state of art".


Volume 1 (2013)

1. Plate Bending Analysis by Two-dimensional Non-linear Partial Differential Equations

 Pages 1-8



2. Very Deep Drillings for Oil and Gas Reserves Exploration by Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology

 Pages 9-23



3. Trajectory Planning of Robots in Presence of Obstacles: a Review Study

 Pages 24-32

 M. Nazemizadeh


4. An Analysis on Nano-scale Tip-Sample Interaction Forces in Atomic Force Microscopy

 Pages 33-39

 M.M. Eghbal, J.Jafari, M. Zandbaf, M. Mirzaie


5. A Review on Fuzzy-Logic Method to Control Robotic Manipulator Systems

 Pages 40-47

 K. Amini Khoiy, F. Davatgarzadeh, M. Taheri



Volume 2 (2014)

1. Computational Methods for Three-dimensional Analysis of Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology

 Pages 1-15



2. Coupling Method of Singular Integral Operators Method with Finite Elements in 2-D Elasticity

 Pages 16-26



3. Void Shape Evolution of Silicon Simulation : Non-linear Three-dimensional Curvature Calculation by First Order Analysis

 Pages 27-45

 C. Grau Turuelo, B. Bergmann, C. Breitkopf


4. A Review Method for Simulating Multivariate Random Variables in Computational Geosciences

 Pages 46-51

 A. Kamali



Volume 3 (2015)

1. Non-linear Singular Integral Equations for Unsteady Inviscid Flowfields of 2-D Airfoils

 Pages 1-14



2. New Aspects for Non-linear Real-Time Expert Water Management Telematics System

 Pages 15-26



3. Reproducing Kernel Method for PDEs arising from Downhole Temperature Field

 Pages 27-31

 M.J. Du, Y.L. Wang, T.M.E. Chaolu, X. Liu


4. Reproducing Kernel Method for Singularly Perturbed  2D Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

 Pages 32-37

 M.J. Du, Y.L. Wang, C.L. Temuer, X. Liu



Volume 4 (2016)

1. Non-linear Elastodynamics in Three & Four-dimensional Real-Time Expert Seismology

 Pages 1-15



2. Stationary Energy Storage by Non-linear Lithium-Ion Batteries with Intermediate Bands

 Pages 16-23



Volume 5 (2017)

1. Singular Integral Operators Method for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing by Non-Wood Cellulosic Fibers

 Pages 1-11


2. New Generation Lithium – Ion Batteries with Intermediate Bands for Stationary Energy Storage

 Pages 12-19



3. Laser Engines for New Generation Spacecraft by Universal Fracture Mechanics and Relative Stress Intensity Factors

 Pages 20-38




Volume 6 (2018)

1. Singular Integral Operators Method (SIOM) for Power Production by Dam Hydraulics

 Pages 1-9


2. Non-linear Aerodynamics by Universal Mechanics for the Future Aircraft & Spacecraft

 Pages 10-26