The Universal Journal of Petroleum Sciences covers activity and development in the field of innovative developments in all kinds of petroleum engineering, natural gas engineering and petroleum geology. Research in petroleum and gas on-shore and off-shore exploration, reservoir engineering, oil geophysics, petrophysics, petroleum geosciences, oil geochemistry, well testing analysis, oil and gas geology, petroleum economics, multi-phase flows of petroleum and gas, reservoir simulation, drilling methods and fluids, production engineering, reservoir simulation, environmental aspects of petroleum exploration, development of deposits, transport and storage of oil and gas, ecology and industrial safety, processing and petrochemistry is included. Contributions can be either analytical, experimental or numerical, covering all aspects of petroleum and gas sciences. So, the papers published should present innovative analytical and numerical methods and novel experimental methods, as well as non-linear methods and results, which should be far beyond the current "state of art".


Volume 1 (2013)

1. General Form of Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology for Oil and Gas Reserves Exploration

 Pages 1-14



2. New Sophisticated Model for Exact Petroleum Reserves Exploration by Non-linear Real -Time Expert Seismology

 Pages 15-29



3. A Committee Machine with Different Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Water Saturation Prediction

 Pages 30-38

 Seyed Ali Jafari Kenari, Hamid Mosalmannejad


4. A View for Prospective EOR Projects in Iraqi Oil Fields

 Pages 39-67

 Salam Al Rbeawi


5. Universal Capillary Pressure-Saturation Model Performed Under Reservoir Conditions Using Pressure Transient Analysis

 Pages 68-87

 J. A. Al-Sudani



Volume 2 (2014)

1. Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology by the Abiotic Theory of Hydrocarbon Generation

 Pages 1-15



2. Three-dimensional Non-linear Real -Time Expert Seismology for Oil & Gas Exploration  

 Pages 16-30



3. Non-linear ESP Artificial Lift by Multiple Pumps for Oil and Gas Well Development

 Pages 31-39



4. Abandonment Formation Pressure & Ultimate Reserve Recovery Boundary of Water-Bearing Sandstone Gas Reservoir

 Pages 40-45

 H. Yong, L. Xizhe, J. Chunyan, X. Xuan, S. Yunhe, Z. Qiulin


5. Performance, Combustion & Emission Characteristics of a Dual Fuel Engine Operated with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) & Honge & Jatropha Biodiesels

 Pages 46-73

 Y.H. Basavarajappa, N.R. Banapurmath, A.J. Sangameshwar
6. Effect of Injection Timing, Combustion Chamber Shapes and Nozzle Geometry on the Diesel Engine Performance

 Pages 74-95

 S. L. Ranganatha, T.K. Chandrashekar, N.R. Banapurmath, P.Nashipudi


Volume 3 (2015)

1. Determination of Bubblepoint for Oil and Gas Reserves in the Absence of PVT Analysis

 Pages 1-7



2. Four-dimensional Petroleum & Gas Exploration by Non-linear Real -Time Expert Seismology  

 Pages 8-23



3. Evaluation Method for Mobile Water Saturation of Tight Sandstone Gas Reservoir

 Pages 24-31

 H. Yong, L. Xizhe, X. Xuan, G. Changmin, J. Chunyan, W. Jiping, N. Jianqiang




 Volume 4 (2016)

1. Three & Four-dimensional Multiphase Flows in Oil Engineering by Non-linear Singular Integral Equations

 Pages 1-11



2. Non-linear Singular Integral Equations Analysis for Unsteady Cascade Aeroelasticity used in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage  

 Pages 12-18



3. New Equations of Water Block in Oil Wells

 Pages 19-39

 M. Karimi, M.R. Adelzadeh, A. Helalizadeh


4. A Study on Economic Assessment of Simultaneous Use of Depleted Oil Reservoirs for Underground Natural Gas Storage and Enhanced Oil Recovery in the Niger Delta

 Pages 40-48

 C.I.C. Anyadiegwu




  Volume 5 (2017)

1. Petroleum Hydraulic Fracturing by Non-linear Singular Integral Equations in 4-D Porous Medium Analysis

 Pages 1-12



2. Steam Generation in Unsteady Cascade Aeroelasticity by Non-linear Singular Integral Equations  

 Pages 13-19



3. Effects of Using Exhaust Gas Recirculation on the Performance, Combustion & Emissions of Diesel Engine with Manifold Injected Ethanol & Diesel-Ethanol Blend  

 Pages 20-36

 S. L. Ranganatha, K.S. Nagaprasad, N. R. Banapurmath, S. V. Khandal, T. K. Chandrashekar, D. Madhu


4. Dual Fuel Engine Operated with Hydrogen Enriched Producer Gas & Honge Biodiesel

 Pages 37-46

 S. Halewadimath, N. R. Banapurmath, V.S. Yaliwal, C. Baseganni, N. Dinakar, S. Suhel




 Volume 6 (2018)

1. Combinations of 3 & 4-D Porous Medium Analysis by Non-linear Singular Integral Equations used in Petroleum Hydraulic Fracturing

 Pages 1-12



2. Combinations of 3 & 4-D Multiphase Flows by Non-linear Singular Integral Equation Methods in Oil & Gas Engineering  

 Pages 13-23






Volume 7 (2019)

1. 4-D Non-linear Real -Time Expert Seismology more Convenient than the Corresponding 3-D for Oil & Gas Exploration

 Pages 1-16



2. 4-D Multiphase Flows by Non-linear Singular Integral Equations in Petroleum Engineering more Convenient than Corresponding 3-D Flows

 Pages 17-27






Volume 8 (2020)

1. Is 4-D Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology the most Convenient Petroleum Exploration Method ? What will be Next ?

 Pages 1-16



 2. Are the Non-linear Singular Integral Equations the best Device for 4-D Multiphase Flows in Oil & Gas Engineering ? What will be Next ?  

 Pages 17-27