The Universal Journal of Fluid Mechanics covers activity and development in the field of innovative developments in fluid mechanics, related to mechanical engineering, chemical, aeronautical, aerospace, geomechanical engineering, as well as to other engineering disciplines. Research in fluid/structure interaction, multiphase flows, vorticity methods, compressible and incompressible flows, flows in biological systems, hydrodynamics, aerodynamics, heat/mass transfer, wave motion, pipe flows, pumps, turbomachines, boundary layer methods, etc. is included. Contributions can be either analytical, experimental or numerical, covering all aspects of the mechanics of fluids. So, the papers published should present innovative analytical and numerical methods and novel experimental methods, as well as non-linear methods and results, which should be far beyond the current "state of art".


Volume 1 (2013)

1. Multiphase Flows in Oil Reservoir Engineering by Non-linear Singular Integral Equations

 Pages 1-11



2. Real-Time Non-linear Water Management Expert Telematics System for Pipe Networks Leaks Control

 Pages 12-23



3. Finite Volume Simulation of Natural Convection in a Trapezoidal Cavity Filled with Various Fluids and Heated from the Top Wall

 Pages 24-36

 A. K. Hussein



Volume 2 (2014)

1. Non-linear Three-dimensional Porous Medium Analysis in Petroleum Reservoir Engineering

 Pages 1-11



2. Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology for Three-dimensional Abiotic Oil Generation

 Pages 12-26



3. Wet Gas Compression by Next Generation Multiphase Pumps

 Pages 27-34



4. A Mathematical Scheme for Calculation of Lift of Planing Crafts with Large Mean Wetted Length & a Comparative Study of Effective Parameters

 Pages 35-54

 P. Ghadimi, S.Tavakoli, A. Dashtimanesh


5. MHD Non-linear Boundary Layer Flow & Heat Transfer of Nanofluids Past a Permeable Moving Flat Surface with Thermal Radiation and Viscous Dissipation

 Pages 55-68

 W.N. Mutuku


Volume 3 (2015)

1. Bubblepoint Determination for Petroleum Reservoir in the Absence of PVT Analysis

 Pages 1-7



2. Petroleum & Gas Reservoir Engineering by Four-dimensional Non-linear Porous Medium Analysis

 Pages 8-18



3. Vortex Shedding for Flow Past Circular Cylinder: Effects of Initial Conditions

 Pages 19-32

 Mouna Laroussi, Mohamed Djebbi


4. Non-linear Heat Transfer Analysis for Fin Profiles with Temperature dependent Thermal Conductivity & Heat Transfer Coefficient

 Pages 33-45

 M.Sharifzadeh, M. Raeisian, D. D. Ganji

Volume 4 (2016)

1. Three & Four-dimensional Abiotic Petroleum Generation by Non-linear Real-Time Expert Seismology

 Pages 1-16



2. Non-linear Water Management Telematics System: New Aspects

 Pages 17-28



3. The Impact of DBM Plasma Actuator on Turbulent Characteristics in the Channel Flow: A Comparison between Two RANS Models

 Pages 29-41

 A. Jafarimoghaddam, S. Aberoumand



Volume 5 (2017)

1. 4 - D Petroleum Exploration by Non-linear Real – Time Expert Seismology

 Pages 1-16



 2. Non-linear Singular Integral Equations Methods used in 4-D Multiphase Flows

 Pages 17-27